The MAC address can be changed on ethernet interfaces.

To configure the MAC address of the existing interface eth0 in vrf main, do:

vsr running config# vrf main
vsr running vrf main# interface physical eth0
vsr running physical eth0# ethernet mac-address 00:01:02:03:04:05
vsr running physical eth0# commit

To display an interface MAC address:

vsr> show state / vrf main interface physical eth0
physical eth0
        address fe80::dced:1ff:fec4:3a04/64
    mtu 2000
    port pci-b0s4
        in-octets 7316
        out-unicast-pkts 7
        out-octets 7316
        in-unicast-pkts 113
        in-discards 0
        in-errors 0
        out-discards 0
        out-errors 0
        mac-address 00:01:02:03:04:05
    oper-status UP
    enabled true

The same configuration can be made using this NETCONF XML configuration:

vsr> show config xml absolute vrf main interface physical eth0
<config xmlns="urn:6wind:vrouter">
    <interface xmlns="urn:6wind:vrouter/interface">

See also

The command reference for details.