Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a networking protocol for clock synchronization. Basically the required parameters are the peer(s) with which you accept to exchange information, and the frequency of updates.

Only one NTP client can be enabled at a time.

Here is an example on querying one NTP server with the parameter iburst set to enable burst synchronization:

vrouter running config# vrf main
vrouter running vrf main# ntp
vrouter running ntp# server my.timeserver.com iburst true
vrouter running ntp# commit

To check the state:

vrouter running config# show state vrf main ntp
    server my.timeserver.com
        synchronized true
        stratum 6
        offset 19
        state system-peer
        version 4
        association-type SERVER
        root-delay 340
        iburst true
        prefer false
        root-dispersion 29

To show the state in a human readable way:

vrouter running config# show ntp vrf main
NTP synchronized with my.timeserver.com at stratum 6.
   time correct within 19 ms.

The same configuration can be made using this NETCONF XML configuration:

vrouter running config# show config xml absolute vrf main ntp
<config xmlns="urn:6wind:vrouter">
    <ntp xmlns="urn:6wind:vrouter/ntp">

See also

The command reference for details.