2.3.3. Installing your license fileΒΆ

If no license file is present, Turbo Router will start and run for 48 hours. After this period, its functionality and performance will be degraded. If you do not wish to install a license file now, you may jump to the next section.

Your license file will be provided to you by the 6WIND support team.

Use the license command to import and install your license file.

vrouter> cmd license import scp://user:password@ip//absolute/path/to/file.lic
License download queued.
vrouter> cmd license status
Download success (size 207).


The import command accepts other url types, like ftp and http. Run cmd license import <?> for a complete list. Also, the server integrity is not checked for scp, sftp and https.


The license validity is checked when the fast path is started. Run cmd license status after the fast path has been started for more information.