3.2.12. kpi

KPI configuration for interface and telegraf agent.

vrouter running config# vrf <vrf> kpi


Enable or disable the KPIs.

vrouter running config# vrf <vrf> kpi
vrouter running kpi# enabled true|false


The list of activated services. Default is all.

vrouter running config# vrf <vrf> kpi
vrouter running kpi# service SERVICE
SERVICE values Description
fp-bridge-stats Fast path bridge statistics.
fp-context-switch-stats Fast path cores context switch statistics.
fp-cp-protect-stats Fast path control plane protection statistics.
fp-cpu-usage Fast path cpu usage.
fp-dpvi-stats Fast path dataplane virtual interafce statistics.
fp-ebtables-stats Fast path ethernet filtering statistics.
fp-exception-queue-stats Fast path exception queues statistics.
fp-exceptions-stats Fast path exceptions statistics.
fp-filling Fast path tables filling.
fp-global-stats Fast path global statistics.
fp-gre-stats Fast path GRE statistics.
fp-gro-stats Fast path GRO statistics.
fp-ip-stats Fast path IPv4 statistics.
fp-ip6-stats Fast path IPv6 statistics.
fp-ipsec-stats Fast path IPSec statistics.
fp-ipsec6-stats Fast path IPSecv6 statistics.
fp-npf-stats Fast path standalone filtering statistics.
fp-ports-stats Fast path ports statistics.
fp-status Fast path status.
fp-vlan-stats Fast path VLAN statistics.
fp-vxlan-stats Fast path VXLAN statistics.
network-nic-eth-stats NICs hardware counters.
network-nic-hw-info NICs hardware informations.
network-nic-traffic-stats NICs traffic statistics.
product-license Product license status.
product-version Product version.
system-cpu-usage Operating system cpu usage.
system-disk-usage Operating system disk usage.
system-memory Operating system memory usage.
system-numa-stats Operating system NUMA usage.
system-processes Operating system process list and load.
system-soft-interrupts-stats Operating system software interrupts.
system-uptime Operating system uptime.
system-user-count Operating system user currently logged count.
system-users Operating system user currently logged list.


Tell which interfaces should be polled by network-nic-* services in this vrf. Default is to take the ones polled by the fast path.

vrouter running config# vrf <vrf> kpi
vrouter running kpi# interface INTERFACE
INTERFACE An interface name.