3.1.1. Preface


In this document, the following conventions are used:

Convention Description
literal CLI keywords.
<value> CLI arguments for which the user is supposed to supply values.
UPPERCASE A keyboard key or combination.
[X] Square brackets indicate optional elements.
X|Y A pipe indicates a logical or (exclusive).


A mode is an environment providing a list of CLI commands. The operational mode mostly provides commands to display state, while the edition mode provides commands to modify the device configuration.
A context is an environment of the edition mode in which parameters can be configured or displayed. Some CLI commands are relevant to a context.
A configuration describes a coherent programming of the device, represented in a tree.
Staging Configuration
The staging configuration is the one currently beeing modified locally in the CLI, and not yet active on the device.
Running Configuration
The running configuration is the one currently active on the device.
Startup Configuration
The startup configuration is the one that will be loaded at the next reboot.
Configuration File
A configuration file is used to transfer a configuration to or from a remote machine for editing or backup purposes.