2.2.9. Install your license fileΒΆ

If no license file is present, the fast path will start and run for 48 hours. It will automatically stop after this period, unless a license file has been installed in the meantime. If you do not wish to install a license file now, go to networking configuration.

Your license file will be provided to you by the 6WIND support team. Login as root, password 6windos, and install it in the /etc. You can assign this file any name with the .lic extension , for example turbo.lic. Note that the file has to be readable to all users:

# chmod 0644 /etc/turbo.lic
# cat /etc/turbo.lic
LICENSE 6wind turbo-router 01.99.99 permanent uncounted
  hostid=isv=628CE7A75DA9EFB7B3A2D3CDEB566889 customer=yourcompany
  _ck=c082fce984 sig="60PG4527MCR2KEKTD2UP7TRN18G1R6GDJCUM2XH508A03PHQ

The next step is the networking configuration.