VRRP global configuration

This CLI context is used to configure VRRP options common to all VRRP interfaces in all VRF instances.

  • To enter VRRP global configuration context, type:

  • To reset VRRP global configuration to its default values, type:

    router{conf:myconfig}delete vrrp-global

Configuring VRRP router identifier

  • Define router identifier:

    router{conf:myconfig-vrrp-global}router-id ID

    Router identifier.

  • System chooses router identifier (system host name):

    router{conf:myconfig-vrrp-global}router-id auto

Configuring VRRP version

The major difference between VRRP v2 and VRRP v3 is the support of IPv6 only available with the last one. For more details see VRRP v2 RFC 3768 and VRRP v3 RFC 5798.

  • Use VRRP version 3:

    router{conf:myconfig-vrrp-global}version 3
  • Use VRRP version 2 (the default):

    router{conf:myconfig-vrrp-global}version 2

Configuring SNMP agent for VRRP

  • Enable SNMP agent for VRRP element of Keepalived MIB:

    router{conf:myconfig-vrrp-global}vrrp-snmp keepalived enable
  • Disable SNMP agent for VRRP element of Keepalived MIB (the default):

    router{conf:myconfig-vrrp-global}vrrp-snmp keepalived disable
  • Enable SNMP agent for VRRP MIBs:

    router{conf:myconfig-vrrp-global}vrrp-snmp rfc enable
  • Disable SNMP agent for VRRP MIBs (the default):

    router{conf:myconfig-vrrp-global}vrrp-snmp rfc disable
  • Enable VRRP SNMP traps:

    router{conf:myconfig-vrrp-global}vrrp-snmp traps enable
  • Disable VRRP SNMP traps (the default):

    router{conf:myconfig-vrrp-global}vrrp-snmp traps disable

Displaying VRRP global configuration

VRRP configuration can be displayed using the following commands:

router{conf:myconfig}display vrrp-global



VRRP configuration example

router{conf:myconfig-vrrp-global}version 3
router{conf:myconfig-vrrp-global}router-id my-router-42
router{conf:myconfig-vrrp-global}vrrp-snmp rfc enable
router-id my-router-42
version 3
  vrrp-snmp keepalived disable
  vrrp-snmp rfc enable
  vrrp-snmp traps disable