High-availability Groups

A high-availability group is used to list a set of services whose state (master or backup) switch together.

The state of the high-availability group can be defined in the configuration, or it can be driven by another service (for instance, vrrp) which declares itself as a controller for this high-availability group. There is one and only one controller for a group.

Some services like ike can subscribe to this high-availability group to be notified when the state of the group changes. A group can have several subscribers.

To create a high-availability group called my-ha-group, statically controlled by configuration:

vrouter running config# ha group my-ha-group
vrouter running group my-ha-group#! state master
vrouter running group my-ha-group# commit

The state command defines the administrative state of this group. If it is omitted, the state has to be driven by another service.

Let’s fetch the state afer committing this configuration:

vrouter running group my-ha-group# show state
group my-ha-group
    state master

The same configuration can be made using this NETCONF XML configuration:

vrouter running config# show config xml absolute ha group
<config xmlns="urn:6wind:vrouter">
  <ha xmlns="urn:6wind:vrouter/ha">