3.2.4. system

Global system configuration.

vrouter running config# system


The hostname of the device – should be a single domain label, without the domain.

vrouter running config# system
vrouter running system# hostname HOSTNAME
HOSTNAME The domain-name type represents a DNS domain name. Fully quallified left to the models which utilize this type. Internet domain names are only loosely specified. Section 3.5 of RFC 1034 recommends a syntax (modified in Section 2.1 of RFC 1123). The pattern above is intended to allow for current practice in domain name use, and some possible future expansion. It is designed to hold various types of domain names, including names used for A or AAAA records (host names) and other records, such as SRV records. Note that Internet host names have a stricter syntax (described in RFC 952) than the DNS recommendations in RFCs 1034 and 1123, and that systems that want to store host names in schema nodes using the domain-name type are recommended to adhere to this stricter standard to ensure interoperability. The encoding of DNS names in the DNS protocol is limited to 255 characters. Since the encoding consists of labels prefixed by a length bytes and there is a trailing NULL byte, only 253 characters can appear in the textual dotted notation. Domain-name values use the US-ASCII encoding. Their canonical format uses lowercase US-ASCII characters. Internationalized domain names MUST be encoded in punycode as described in RFC 3492.


The timezone of the device.

vrouter running config# system
vrouter running system# timezone TIMEZONE
TIMEZONE values Description
Antarctica/McMurdo McMurdo Station, Ross Island
Antarctica/South_Pole Amundsen-Scott Station, South Pole
Antarctica/Rothera Rothera Station, Adelaide Island
Antarctica/Palmer Palmer Station, Anvers Island
Antarctica/Mawson Mawson Station, Holme Bay
Antarctica/Davis Davis Station, Vestfold Hills
Antarctica/Casey Casey Station, Bailey Peninsula
Antarctica/Vostok Vostok Station, Lake Vostok
Antarctica/DumontDUrville Dumont-d’Urville Station, Terre Adelie
Antarctica/Syowa Syowa Station, E Ongul I
Antarctica/Macquarie Macquarie Island Station, Macquarie Island
America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires Buenos Aires (BA, CF)
America/Argentina/Cordoba most locations (CB, CC, CN, ER, FM, MN, SE, SF)
America/Argentina/Salta (SA, LP, NQ, RN)
America/Argentina/Jujuy Jujuy (JY)
America/Argentina/Tucuman Tucuman (TM)
America/Argentina/Catamarca Catamarca (CT), Chubut (CH)
America/Argentina/La_Rioja La Rioja (LR)
America/Argentina/San_Juan San Juan (SJ)
America/Argentina/Mendoza Mendoza (MZ)
America/Argentina/San_Luis San Luis (SL)
America/Argentina/Rio_Gallegos Santa Cruz (SC)
America/Argentina/Ushuaia Tierra del Fuego (TF)
Australia/Lord_Howe Lord Howe Island
Australia/Hobart Tasmania - most locations
Australia/Currie Tasmania - King Island
Australia/Melbourne Victoria
Australia/Sydney New South Wales - most locations
Australia/Broken_Hill New South Wales - Yancowinna
Australia/Brisbane Queensland - most locations
Australia/Lindeman Queensland - Holiday Islands
Australia/Adelaide South Australia
Australia/Darwin Northern Territory
Australia/Perth Western Australia - most locations
Australia/Eucla Western Australia - Eucla area
America/Noronha Atlantic islands
America/Belem Amapa, E Para
America/Fortaleza NE Brazil (MA, PI, CE, RN, PB)
America/Recife Pernambuco
America/Araguaina Tocantins
America/Maceio Alagoas, Sergipe
America/Bahia Bahia
America/Sao_Paulo S & SE Brazil (GO, DF, MG, ES, RJ, SP, PR, SC, RS)
America/Campo_Grande Mato Grosso do Sul
America/Cuiaba Mato Grosso
America/Santarem W Para
America/Porto_Velho Rondonia
America/Boa_Vista Roraima
America/Manaus E Amazonas
America/Eirunepe W Amazonas
America/Rio_Branco Acre
America/St_Johns Newfoundland Time, including SE Labrador
America/Halifax Atlantic Time - Nova Scotia (most places), PEI
America/Glace_Bay Atlantic Time - Nova Scotia - places that did not observe DST 1966-1971
America/Moncton Atlantic Time - New Brunswick
America/Goose_Bay Atlantic Time - Labrador - most locations
America/Blanc-Sablon Atlantic Standard Time - Quebec - Lower North Shore
America/Montreal Eastern Time - Quebec - most locations
America/Toronto Eastern Time - Ontario - most locations
America/Nipigon Eastern Time - Ontario & Quebec - places that did not observe DST 1967-1973
America/Thunder_Bay Eastern Time - Thunder Bay, Ontario
America/Iqaluit Eastern Time - east Nunavut - most locations
America/Pangnirtung Eastern Time - Pangnirtung, Nunavut
America/Resolute Central Standard Time - Resolute, Nunavut
America/Atikokan Eastern Standard Time - Atikokan, Ontario and Southampton I, Nunavut
America/Rankin_Inlet Central Time - central Nunavut
America/Winnipeg Central Time - Manitoba & west Ontario
America/Rainy_River Central Time - Rainy River & Fort Frances, Ontario
America/Regina Central Standard Time - Saskatchewan - most locations
America/Swift_Current Central Standard Time - Saskatchewan - midwest
America/Edmonton Mountain Time - Alberta, east British Columbia & west Saskatchewan
America/Cambridge_Bay Mountain Time - west Nunavut
America/Yellowknife Mountain Time - central Northwest Territories
America/Inuvik Mountain Time - west Northwest Territories
America/Creston Mountain Standard Time - Creston, British Columbia
America/Dawson_Creek Mountain Standard Time - Dawson Creek & Fort Saint John, British Columbia
America/Vancouver Pacific Time - west British Columbia
America/Whitehorse Pacific Time - south Yukon
America/Dawson Pacific Time - north Yukon
Africa/Kinshasa west Dem. Rep. of Congo
Africa/Lubumbashi east Dem. Rep. of Congo
America/Santiago most locations
Pacific/Easter Easter Island & Sala y Gomez
Asia/Shanghai east China - Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai, etc.
Asia/Harbin Heilongjiang (except Mohe), Jilin
Asia/Chongqing central China - Sichuan, Yunnan, Guangxi, Shaanxi, Guizhou, etc.
Asia/Urumqi most of Tibet & Xinjiang
Asia/Kashgar west Tibet & Xinjiang
America/Guayaquil mainland
Pacific/Galapagos Galapagos Islands
Europe/Madrid mainland
Africa/Ceuta Ceuta & Melilla
Atlantic/Canary Canary Islands
Pacific/Chuuk Chuuk (Truk) and Yap
Pacific/Pohnpei Pohnpei (Ponape)
Pacific/Kosrae Kosrae
America/Godthab most locations
America/Danmarkshavn east coast, north of Scoresbysund
America/Scoresbysund Scoresbysund / Ittoqqortoormiit
America/Thule Thule / Pituffik
Asia/Jakarta Java & Sumatra
Asia/Pontianak west & central Borneo
Asia/Makassar east & south Borneo, Sulawesi (Celebes), Bali, Nusa Tengarra, west Timor
Asia/Jayapura west New Guinea (Irian Jaya) & Malukus (Moluccas)
Pacific/Tarawa Gilbert Islands
Pacific/Enderbury Phoenix Islands
Pacific/Kiritimati Line Islands
Asia/Almaty most locations
Asia/Qyzylorda Qyzylorda (Kyzylorda, Kzyl-Orda)
Asia/Aqtobe Aqtobe (Aktobe)
Asia/Aqtau Atyrau (Atirau, Gur’yev), Mangghystau (Mankistau)
Asia/Oral West Kazakhstan
Pacific/Majuro most locations
Pacific/Kwajalein Kwajalein
Asia/Ulaanbaatar most locations
Asia/Hovd Bayan-Olgiy, Govi-Altai, Hovd, Uvs, Zavkhan
Asia/Choibalsan Dornod, Sukhbaatar
America/Mexico_City Central Time - most locations
America/Cancun Central Time - Quintana Roo
America/Merida Central Time - Campeche, Yucatan
America/Monterrey Mexican Central Time - Coahuila, Durango, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas away from US border
America/Matamoros US Central Time - Coahuila, Durango, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas near US border
America/Mazatlan Mountain Time - S Baja, Nayarit, Sinaloa
America/Chihuahua Mexican Mountain Time - Chihuahua away from US border
America/Ojinaga US Mountain Time - Chihuahua near US border
America/Hermosillo Mountain Standard Time - Sonora
America/Tijuana US Pacific Time - Baja California near US border
America/Santa_Isabel Mexican Pacific Time - Baja California away from US border
America/Bahia_Banderas Mexican Central Time - Bahia de Banderas
Asia/Kuala_Lumpur peninsular Malaysia
Asia/Kuching Sabah & Sarawak
Pacific/Auckland most locations
Pacific/Chatham Chatham Islands
Pacific/Tahiti Society Islands
Pacific/Marquesas Marquesas Islands
Pacific/Gambier Gambier Islands
Asia/Gaza Gaza Strip
Asia/Hebron West Bank
Europe/Lisbon mainland
Atlantic/Madeira Madeira Islands
Atlantic/Azores Azores
Europe/Kaliningrad Moscow-01 - Kaliningrad
Europe/Moscow Moscow+00 - west Russia
Europe/Volgograd Moscow+00 - Caspian Sea
Europe/Samara Moscow+00 - Samara, Udmurtia
Asia/Yekaterinburg Moscow+02 - Urals
Asia/Omsk Moscow+03 - west Siberia
Asia/Novosibirsk Moscow+03 - Novosibirsk
Asia/Novokuznetsk Moscow+03 - Novokuznetsk
Asia/Krasnoyarsk Moscow+04 - Yenisei River
Asia/Irkutsk Moscow+05 - Lake Baikal
Asia/Yakutsk Moscow+06 - Lena River
Asia/Vladivostok Moscow+07 - Amur River
Asia/Sakhalin Moscow+07 - Sakhalin Island
Asia/Magadan Moscow+08 - Magadan
Asia/Kamchatka Moscow+08 - Kamchatka
Asia/Anadyr Moscow+08 - Bering Sea
Europe/Kiev most locations
Europe/Uzhgorod Ruthenia
Europe/Zaporozhye Zaporozh’ye, E Lugansk / Zaporizhia, E Luhansk
Europe/Simferopol central Crimea
Pacific/Johnston Johnston Atoll
Pacific/Midway Midway Islands
Pacific/Wake Wake Island
America/New_York Eastern Time
America/Detroit Eastern Time - Michigan - most locations
America/Kentucky/Louisville Eastern Time - Kentucky - Louisville area
America/Kentucky/Monticello Eastern Time - Kentucky - Wayne County
America/Indiana/Indianapolis Eastern Time - Indiana - most locations
America/Indiana/Vincennes Eastern Time - Indiana - Daviess, Dubois, Knox & Martin Counties
America/Indiana/Winamac Eastern Time - Indiana - Pulaski County
America/Indiana/Marengo Eastern Time - Indiana - Crawford County
America/Indiana/Petersburg Eastern Time - Indiana - Pike County
America/Indiana/Vevay Eastern Time - Indiana - Switzerland County
America/Chicago Central Time
America/Indiana/Tell_City Central Time - Indiana - Perry County
America/Indiana/Knox Central Time - Indiana - Starke County
America/Menominee Central Time - Michigan - Dickinson, Gogebic, Iron & Menominee Counties
America/North_Dakota/Center Central Time - North Dakota - Oliver County
America/North_Dakota/New_Salem Central Time - North Dakota - Morton County (except Mandan area)
America/North_Dakota/Beulah Central Time - North Dakota - Mercer County
America/Denver Mountain Time
America/Boise Mountain Time - south Idaho & east Oregon
America/Shiprock Mountain Time - Navajo
America/Phoenix Mountain Standard Time - Arizona
America/Los_Angeles Pacific Time
America/Anchorage Alaska Time
America/Juneau Alaska Time - Alaska panhandle
America/Sitka Alaska Time - southeast Alaska panhandle
America/Yakutat Alaska Time - Alaska panhandle neck
America/Nome Alaska Time - west Alaska
America/Adak Aleutian Islands
America/Metlakatla Metlakatla Time - Annette Island
Pacific/Honolulu Hawaii
Asia/Samarkand west Uzbekistan
Asia/Tashkent east Uzbekistan
Europe/Andorra|Asia/Dubai|Asia/Kabul|America/Antigua|America/Anguilla|Europe/Tirane|Asia/Yerevan|Africa/Luanda|Pacific/Pago_Pago|Europe/Vienna|America/Aruba|Europe/Mariehamn|Asia/Baku|Europe/Sarajevo|America/Barbados|Asia/Dhaka|Europe/Brussels|Africa/Ouagadougou|Europe/Sofia|Asia/Bahrain|Africa/Bujumbura|Africa/Porto-Novo|America/St_Barthelemy|Atlantic/Bermuda|Asia/Brunei|America/La_Paz|America/Kralendijk|America/Nassau|Asia/Thimphu|Africa/Gaborone|Europe/Minsk|America/Belize|Indian/Cocos|Africa/Bangui|Africa/Brazzaville|Europe/Zurich|Africa/Abidjan|Pacific/Rarotonga|Africa/Douala|America/Bogota|America/Costa_Rica|America/Havana|Atlantic/Cape_Verde|America/Curacao|Indian/Christmas|Asia/Nicosia|Europe/Prague|Europe/Berlin|Africa/Djibouti|Europe/Copenhagen|America/Dominica|America/Santo_Domingo|Africa/Algiers|Europe/Tallinn|Africa/Cairo|Africa/El_Aaiun|Africa/Asmara|Africa/Addis_Ababa|Europe/Helsinki|Pacific/Fiji|Atlantic/Stanley|Atlantic/Faroe|Europe/Paris|Africa/Libreville|Europe/London|America/Grenada|Asia/Tbilisi|America/Cayenne|Europe/Guernsey|Africa/Accra|Europe/Gibraltar|Africa/Banjul|Africa/Conakry|America/Guadeloupe|Africa/Malabo|Europe/Athens|Atlantic/South_Georgia|America/Guatemala|Pacific/Guam|Africa/Bissau|America/Guyana|Asia/Hong_Kong|America/Tegucigalpa|Europe/Zagreb|America/Port-au-Prince|Europe/Budapest|Asia/Jerusalem|Europe/Isle_of_Man|Asia/Kolkata|Indian/Chagos|Asia/Baghdad|Asia/Tehran|Atlantic/Reykjavik|Europe/Rome|Europe/Jersey|America/Jamaica|Asia/Amman|Asia/Tokyo|Africa/Nairobi|Asia/Bishkek|Asia/Phnom_Penh|Indian/Comoro|America/St_Kitts|Asia/Pyongyang|Asia/Seoul|Asia/Kuwait|America/Cayman|Asia/Vientiane|Asia/Beirut|America/St_Lucia|Europe/Vaduz|Asia/Colombo|Africa/Monrovia|Africa/Maseru|Europe/Vilnius|Europe/Luxembourg|Europe/Riga|Africa/Tripoli|Africa/Casablanca|Europe/Monaco|Europe/Chisinau|Europe/Podgorica|America/Marigot|Indian/Antananarivo|Europe/Skopje|Africa/Bamako|Asia/Rangoon|Asia/Macau|Pacific/Saipan|America/Martinique|Africa/Nouakchott|America/Montserrat|Europe/Malta|Indian/Mauritius|Indian/Maldives|Africa/Blantyre|Africa/Maputo|Pacific/Noumea|Africa/Niamey|Pacific/Norfolk|Africa/Lagos|America/Managua|Europe/Amsterdam|Europe/Oslo|Asia/Kathmandu|Pacific/Nauru|Pacific/Niue|Asia/Muscat|America/Panama|America/Lima|Pacific/Port_Moresby|Asia/Manila|Asia/Karachi|Europe/Warsaw|America/Miquelon|Pacific/Pitcairn|America/Puerto_Rico|Pacific/Palau|America/Asuncion|Asia/Qatar|Indian/Reunion|Europe/Bucharest|Europe/Belgrade|Africa/Kigali|Asia/Riyadh|Pacific/Guadalcanal|Indian/Mahe|Africa/Khartoum|Europe/Stockholm|Asia/Singapore|Atlantic/St_Helena|Europe/Ljubljana|Arctic/Longyearbyen|Europe/Bratislava|Africa/Freetown|Europe/San_Marino|Africa/Dakar|Africa/Mogadishu|America/Paramaribo|Africa/Juba|Africa/Sao_Tome|America/El_Salvador|America/Lower_Princes|Asia/Damascus|Africa/Mbabane|America/Grand_Turk|Africa/Ndjamena|Indian/Kerguelen|Africa/Lome|Asia/Bangkok|Asia/Dushanbe|Pacific/Fakaofo|Asia/Dili|Asia/Ashgabat|Africa/Tunis|Pacific/Tongatapu|Europe/Istanbul|America/Port_of_Spain|Pacific/Funafuti|Asia/Taipei|Africa/Dar_es_Salaam|Africa/Kampala|America/Montevideo|Europe/Vatican|America/St_Vincent|America/Caracas|America/Tortola|America/St_Thomas|Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh|Pacific/Efate|Pacific/Wallis|Pacific/Apia|Asia/Aden|Indian/Mayotte|Africa/Johannesburg|Africa/Lusaka|Africa/Harare A timezone location as defined by the IANA timezone database (http://www.iana.org/time-zones)

date (state only)

The local time of the device.

vrouter> show state system date

troubleshooting-report (state only)

The existing troubleshooting reports available on the system.

vrouter> show state system troubleshooting-report

installed-image (state only)

The list of installed images.

name (state only)

The name of the image if it is defined.

vrouter> show state system installed-image <string> name

current (state only)

The image is currently booted.

vrouter> show state system installed-image <string> current

default (state only)

The image is booted by default.

vrouter> show state system installed-image <string> default

next (state only)

The next reboot will use this image.

vrouter> show state system installed-image <string> next