3.2.10. dns

Enclosing container for DNS resolver data.

vrouter running config# vrf <vrf> dns


List of the DNS servers that the resolver should query. When the resolver is invoked by a calling application, it sends the query to the first name server in this list. If no response has been received within ‘timeout’ seconds, the resolver continues with the next server in the list. If no response is received from any server, the resolver continues with the first server again. When the resolver has traversed the list ‘attempts’ times without receiving any response, it gives up and returns an error to the calling application. Implementations MAY limit the number of entries in this list.

vrouter running config# vrf <vrf> dns
vrouter running dns# server <server>
<server> values Description
<A.B.C.D> An IPv4 address.
<X:X::X:X> An IPv6 address.

address (state only)

The address of the DNS server, can be either IPv4 or IPv6.

vrouter> show state vrf <vrf> dns server <server> address