2.2.8. Install as a VM using AWS

AWS basic deployment

The Turbo IPsec private AMI image provides a simple way to deploy Turbo IPsec in AWS. Access to the AMI image must be requested to the 6WIND support team through the customer zone.

Once access is granted, the Turbo IPsec AMI will be available in the AWS management console when selecting Launch Instance > My AMIs > Ownership > Shared with me.


This AMI requires Intel 82599 VF adapters. Please make sure to select an instance type that supports these adapters.

AWS cloud-init customization

In AWS, console access is provided through the network and relies on cloud-init. cloud-init configuration must be provided through the User data textbox.


For network connectivity to work, VLAN stripping must be enabled in the Turbo IPsec configuration. In the following example, we also pre-install the license file (make sure you replace the contents by your own).

- path: /etc/fast-path.env
  content: |
- path: /usr/admin/etc/turbo.lic
  content: |
   LICENSE 6wind turbo-router 01.99.99 permanent uncounted
     hostid=isv=628CE7A75DA9EFB7B3A2D3CDEB566889 customer=yourcompany
     _ck=c082fce984 sig="60PG4527MCR2KEKTD2UP7TRN18G1R6GDJCUM2XH508A03PHQ

AWS IP forwarding activation

By default, AWS forbids IP forwarding. It must be enabled from the management console after the instance is launched as follows.

../../_images/aws_enable_forwarding_1.png ../../_images/aws_enable_forwarding_2.png