Streaming telemetry plays a critical role in traffic optimization, monitoring and troubleshooting.

6WIND monitoring solution is split to ease the integration with existing monitoring system, and also offers a complete solution for new deployment:

  • The KPIs daemon, for both Linux system and fast path modules
  • The monitoring engine, exposing the KPI with local API and NETCONF/YANG API in a consistent way
  • The tool to query the API for direct use by common existing tools (JSON, InfluxDB)


  • centralized API to query KPIs
  • HTTP POST or local output
  • Json and Influx format support
  • NETCONF/Yang
  • KPIs addition on a running system


The 6WIND monitoring solution is organized as follows:


YANG models define the data that is available in the monitoring engine. The monitoring engine interacts with multiple services. Those services use data sources to provide monitoring data when requested by the monitoring engine.

The monitoring engine is exposed in two ways:

  • a local API

To support more monitoring solutions, the telegraf collector can make use of the local API to populate data analysis tools.

In term of software:

  • the monitoring engine is provided by the sysrepo daemon
  • the netconf API is provided by the netopeer2-server daemon
  • the monitoring services are provided by the kpid daemon
  • the local API can be queried by the kpi-get tool