HA VRRP is the 6WIND implementation of VRRP. It is based on the Keepalived open source project.

VRRP provides a way, for a set of routers, to control a virtual IPv4 address and MAC address, and to provide automatic failover. This address may be used by hosts to access specific services, a static default gateway, for instance. VRRP provides higher service availability without requiring automatic reconfiguration of end hosts.


  • VRRP v2 RFC 3768 (IPv4 only).
    • Automatic election of master router.
    • Preemption when a backup server with higher priority than master is present.
    • Advertisement interval (to indicate that master is still in service) from 1 to 255 seconds.
  • Ability to create several VRRP groups and to synchronize them: a router, belonging to different groups, has the same state (master or backup) in any group.
  • Authentication (Simple Text Password or IP Authentication Header) as defined in VRRP v1 RFC 2338.
  • Remote management with SNMP.


6WINDGate modules


Linux >= 3.2 to have commit 729e72a10930 (“macvlan: receive multicast with local address”). Otherwise, HA VRRP is not compliant with RFC 3768 (VRRP routers are not able to share the same MAC address without this commit).