Fast Path TCP/UDP Termination IPv4 provides IPv4 TCP/UDP termination in the fast path.


  • Full support of TCP and UDP sockets in the AF_INET and the AF_INET6 communication domains
  • Based on the call flow of *BSD TCP/IP, but redesigning the stack to scale along with any number of cores
  • POSIX-compliant socket API
  • Fully optimized for multi-core execution environments
  • Highly scalable processing of parallel TCP connection establishment/shutdown operations
  • Support of multi listening sockets bounded to a same port to achieve highly scalable parallel accept operations of TCP connections established to a given port
  • Highly scalable data exchanges on huge numbers of TCP/UDP sockets established TCP connections
  • Zero-copy based socket APIs
  • Sockets are VRF based, which allows overlapping of ports and IP addresses
  • Event driven (callbacks) notifications from the stack to the application
  • Plugin support for custom TCP/UDP applications


  • No ICMP support


6WINDGate modules