Fast Path LAG provides bonding, or LAG, support in the fast path.


  • Supported algorithms:
    • balance-rr mode (Round-robin policy)
    • active-backup mode (use the active-slave interface to send packets)
    • balance-xor mode (xor policy)
    • 802.3ad mode IEEE (802.3ad Dynamic link aggregation)
    • flow hash computed from Ethernet protocol, vlan ID, IP addresses, L4 protocols and ports out of the most inner packet inside Ethernet, VLAN, IPv4, IPv6, IP tunnels, GRE.
  • Supported hash policies (only for balance-xor and 802.3ad):
    • layer2 xmit hash policy
    • layer2+3 xmit hash policy
    • layer3+4 xmit hash policy
    • encap2+3 xmit hash policy
    • encap3+4 xmit hash policy
  • Manage LAG interfaces:
    • Displaying LAG interfaces and their slaves.
    • Create a LAG interface.
    • Delete a LAG interface and its links to slave interfaces.
    • Link a LAG interface (master) to another interface (slave).
    • Unlink an interface (slave) from a LAG interface (master).
    • Set the LAG policies. The default is balance-rr (round robin).
    • Set the LAG xmit hash policy (default is layer2).
  • Compatibility with VRF processing.
  • NUMA awareness


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